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Thank you for visiting my new website. My name is Kary Janousek, I live in Fargo, ND. I am a restorer of antique and vintage hats, and a self taught milliner . I began taking an active interest in the wet plate collodion process in the summer of 2019 after having my portrait created by artist Shane Balkowitsch. This type of chemical photography is nearly 170 years old. As I am still new to this art form, every piece I help create is done for the cost of supplies only. Let's make art together!



A message of thanks

In March 1851 an issue of 'The Chemist' published an article written by sculptor Fredrick Scott Archer with step by step instructions on how to create photographic images using the wet plate collodion method. Archer did not copyright his formula, letting this new technology benefit all without cost. By the end of the decade this photographic process had gained such popularity it replaced the daguerreotype in commercial and studio Portraits. It maintained its popularity until the 1880s when gelatin dry plates were invented. Archer died in relative obscurity and in poverty. All who have made use of this beautiful and archivable historical process are beneficiaries of this man's generosity of spirit. 

Thank you FSA.


You're invited

Portraits & Artist collaborations

Most of the photos made today are transient, filtered, edited, and easily forgotten. Ambroytpe portraits are raw and unique. They are tangible pieces of art that are authentic and memorable. Become a part of history. 

Call or text to schedule a sitting:

(701) 799-6621

By appointment at The Art Bar:

18 1st Street 

West Fargo, ND







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